About PURE

PURE is an off-the-shelf payment application from Thales DIS France SAS that is fully compliant with the EMV™ standard. It is designed for domestic schemes and private payment card associations looking for chip-based security and fast time to market. As it is not tied to one particular existing global scheme, private-label card issuers and national payment associations can use it without the need to enter into a business agreement with another payment scheme.
PURE is a comprehensive ecosystem offer with partners proposing Contactless Kernels for EMV™ compliant payment POS (Point of Sales) terminals, test and certification services, all combining together to provide a ready-to-use payment environment.

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The PURE Contactless Kernel is a central component of the PURE technology, enabling the acquisition of contactless payments initiated from contactless payment cards, mobile handsets or wearable devices. As it creates the technical conditions for a rich and open payment environment, it also represents an investment for payment systems, acquiring parties and acquisition products manufacturers, whose legitimate concerns have been for instance formalized by the European Cards Stakeholders Group in the SEPA Cards Standardisation “Volume”. The Operational Specification Management rulebook clarifies the vision of Thales towards a sustainable and open contactless acceptance technology.

Operational Specification Management Rulebook


About PayCert

PayCert  is a certification body owned by ELITT SAS providing certification services for all interfaces aimed at the European market. PayCert certifies the electronic payment systems used, for example, in the CB system.
PayCert is therefore in a position to issue certificates of functional and security conformity on IC cards, terminals, acquiring hosts and by extension connections with the networks used for authorisation. PayCert also authorizes the laboratories that perform these product evaluations.
PayCert is an independent certification body of the SEPA area. PayCert offers the indisputable assurance of expertise gained over many years within the Groupement des Cartes Bancaires “CB”. PayCert implements process that are developed and assessed in compliance with ISO 17065 standard.

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Specification providerThales DIS6, Rue de la Verrerie - CS20001
92197 Meudon Cedex - France
Certification BodyPayCert48 rue Montmartre 75002 Paris - France


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